On this site, what questions are considered to be on-topic and what questions are instead off-topic?


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On Topic questions

  1. Questions about the Chinese language: This includes, grammar, pronunciation, syntax, etc.

  2. Translation: From any language to Chinese as long as: (1) you provide research effort, without it your question will be closed. (2) you provide a detailed explanation of the original expression word. From Chinese to other languages, please refer to the target language site.

  3. Meaning of single word/hanzi: In case of a word (from bigram upwards), you can ask if you provided research effort in your question. In case of Hanzi, the same applies and you must provide also the sentence where you found the Hanzi.

Off Topic questions

  1. Culture: This site is about the Chinese language, not its culture. Questions about culture will be closed as Off Topic.

  2. Names: Questions about your name meaning or asking for help in choosing a name are not allowed.

Software-related questions are still an open case.

If you still have questions or doubts that have not been covered until now, then feel free to bring the matter on the Meta or in our Chat Room; either way, we'll be happy to help you.


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