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I've burned out on the site, outlived my usefulness, gotten sick of all the serial downvotes that don't go unreversed, given up on the clueless reviewers, and been fed up with seeing so many valid flags (from myself and others) rejected with "declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it." Enjoy the mess you've made.

Things I don't do on Stack Exchange anymore:

  • Flag link only answers - despite repeated claims that we should flag link-only answers, moderators still reject them. Why bother?
  • Go into the Suggested Edit review queue; you people approve anything; plagiarized text, spam, gibberish. There's no critical thinking involved, just mashing of the "Approve" button. I'm tired of being the sole "Reject" vote.
  • Go into the Triage/Help & Improvement queue; no one has any idea how to review these.

Hooray for badge hunters!

Answering low-quality, off-topic questions gives the impression that it's okay to ask these types of questions.

If you answer low-quality and off-topic questions, you're ruining Stack Overflow.

Stop ruining Stack Overflow! Flag or vote to close!